Monday, April 20, 2009

I spilled Shoe Polish on floor tiles anyone know how to remove it?

It was KIWI Honor Guard Edge Dressing and I Tried 409 but it only lifted a little of the stain and its black if anyone know what type of chemical to use please please let me know thank you

I spilled Shoe Polish on floor tiles anyone know how to remove it?
Use bleach. It wont harm the tiles and will brighent your grout. I promise it will work
Reply:take vinegar and a scrub brush
Reply:alcoohol and cotton that should do it

but try to keep the stain as small as it is dont spread it
Reply:my mom always told me to use applecider vinegar when something like that happened. now that is just what I was told. never tried it firsthand. hell, if it works- let e know : )
Reply:I would suggest hydrogen peroxide. My husband uses it on his nursing scrubs I would think it would be worth the try. If it was me I would put the peroxide on a rag then wipe the tile. If that does not work WD40 might do the job. I clean houses %26amp; offices I use Wd40 on stubborn stains. Like ink I would think it would do the job on shoe polish.

Here is a link to help you remove the shoe polish off the floor. I hope it works.

Reply:Rubbing alcohol
Reply:try a shoe polish remover...
Reply:Try Polish Remover. (Nail Polish). Try it first in an un-obvious place to make sure the tile can take it. If that doesn%26#039;t work, Paint remover may work. Good luck.
Reply:Maybe some sort of makeup remover, they%26#039;re designed to gently lift waxy stuff. Noxema or a similar product. Meanwhile... LMAO
Reply:try rubbing alcohol first, then maybe mineral spirits, assuming it is ceramic tile and not vinyl. If you have vinyl, the alcohol would be fine, but I%26#039;m not sure about the mineral spirits.
Reply:Try Mr. Eraser sponge

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